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Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department

By ~~artAuthor~~ Feb 22, 2021

Welcome to Oklahoma - at the heart of the USA!

Oklahoma’s original settlers recognised prime land when they saw it-a fine ‘big sky’ place of tallgrass prairie and fertile red earth. ‘Oklahoma’ means ‘red people’ in the Choctaw American Indian language, and today the state is home to no fewer than 39 Native American nations-proud people who hail from all over the North American continent. Vibrant cowboy life-ranching and cattle rearing - is still strong, supporting lively communities, great farm-to-fork food and a diverse live music scene.

Five Fun Facts about Oklahoma!

  • Home to the original & longest driveable stretch of Route 66 at 400+ miles
  • This stretch of the Mother Road has 2 world-class cities - Oklahoma City & Tulsa
  • Headquarters of 39 vibrant Native American nations
  • Cowboy life is alive and kickin’ - great ‘downhome’ food & diverse music
  • Has the ‘great outdoors’ covered - 35 State Parks & multiple eco-systems

Route 66 Oklahoma’s stretch of the Mother Road is rich with iconic and quirky stops and photo-ops. Check out / request your Oklahoma Route 66 guide here 

Crossroads of Native America  Oklahoma’s ‘first nations’ arrived there from all over the continent - as you’ll discover in the Oklahoma Indian Country guide here

Cowboy life - alive and kickin’ with longhorn cattle ranching, trail-drives, rodeos and cook-outs - not just for entertainment, but as a way of life. Check it out here   

Food for body and soul  Live music and hearty food are life essentials in Oklahoma. Click to view the Music Trail and Destination Dining Guide  

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